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German Volume Training

German Volume Training

German Volume Training (GVT) is a system used by bodybuilders and Olympic lifters to gain mass.GVT became popular in the mid 1970’s in Germany due to one national weightlifting coach, Rolf Feser. Initial goal of GVT was that, one completes ten sets of ten representatives with same weight for each exercise. Lifters continuously moved up complete weight class within a period of 12 weeks.

Specific muscle groups and motor units are target of GVT to build gigantic muscles. Saying that GVT adds muscle fast is an understatement as gaining more than ten pounds in six weeks is exceptional even by veteran lifters! The vigorous repetitive workloads makes the body adapts to unusual stress through hastened muscle fiber hypertrophy.

How It Works

Every workout is divided between your upper and lower portions of your body, done twice every week. Two exercises are required by workout; one that pulls and another that pushes. By doing so, you are certainly reinforcing the non-competitive muscle groups while thrashing your fibers with multi-joint movements that target a lot of mass concurrently.

One exception to the 10*10 rule is your legs. All your leg muscles work to varying degrees when you are performing squats and subjecting your leg muscles to 200 complete repetitions would be overindulgence. Instead, divide your workout into 60 reps to your knees and 60 with the hips. Take this caution; GVT is ruthless. Every bit of rest you use to suck wind and feel a terrible scald with every second you are under that bar. It’s not uncommon therefore to throw off the weights, crash by a corner in bafflement and trail the clock until 80 seconds elapse and repeat again!

Therefore, start right. Commencing with heavy weights will destroy your progress and you should perform GVT for six to eight weeks to avoid over training. Eating like a horse should not come as a surprise to you as GVT is meant for growth and neither a fat losing program nor a maintenance routine. Give your body enough calories plus nutrients for restoration and building purposes. A protein shake before and during your workout helps extra fuel to burn.

An example of a GVT workout schedule:
• Day 1: Chest & Back
• Day 2: Legs & Abs
• Day 3: Off
• Day 4: Arms & Shoulders
• Day 5: Off



Society seems to see image as the gold standard for good sex, which explains why weight loss is such a popular topic. Well, despite the monumental level of bias in an assertion like that, it turns out that this argument has its basis. A sad reality of life is that weight and sex are a bit like oil and water; they do not mix but why? What is the scientific explanation behind this set of circumstances?
Look around. Even celebrities admit sheepishly to a low sex drive whenever they are carrying around extra pounds. Take for instance, Chris Pratt, the star from Guardians of the Galaxy as well as Parks and Recreation. In a recent interview, Pratt admitted that as
a 300 pounder he was ‘impotent’. He however made a swift clarification, saying
that he did not mean that in the scientific way; he simply meant that his sex drive was way down the tubes at that point in his life. This experience is very commonplace among millions of men in our society.
The big question…
Can being overweight negatively affect your libido?
This question sets the stage for a raucous debate whenever it is put forth. Kevin
Billups is a senior director for a men’s health program at Brady Urological Institute, an entity owned by Johns Hopkins. He admits that Pratt’s story is commonplace and goes on to explain why. Billups explains that weight in general can be a problem but abdominal fat is an especially thorny issue. “When a man has too much abdominal fat, biological reactions within his system force the conversion of testosterone, a predominantly male hormone, to testosterone, the quintessential female equivalent, and here is when the real problem comes in. Since this hormone is responsible for libido, the result is a low sex drive and inconsistency in emotional predilection towards sex”, he states.
Not just the hormones
The explanation above does not mean that this problem is merely a scientific concern. When you are overweight your cholesterol levels hit scary levels. Your body shape takes a beating, so does your image and emotional outlook. At the end of it all, you feel unworthy, lazy or simply just not up to it.
Analyzing the facts
The University of Adelaide conducted a study on weight and testosterone, collecting data for 5 years. Out of the 1500 men under study, those that became obese registered continually decreasing levels of testosterone. Those who succeeded in losing between 5 to 10% of their body mass admitted to improved erectile functionality and increased sex drive. According to another study by Duke, over 30% of those who have weight issues also report libido complications.
Problem not confined to men alone
Women who gain weight have a problem with their libido too. Wonder why? Well, on the face of it, it seems illogical to put out an assertion like this since testosterone is masculine, right? Right. Well, it turns out that a woman’s sex drive is either boosted or diminished by image. If she does not feel good about her body, then her body will not feel good about the sex. In addition to that, when the blood vessels leading up to the clitoris constrict, the desire for sex tends to decline.
The redeeming grace is that all it takes to resolve this for both men and women is a good diet and a consistent exercising regime.
About the Author
Chris Brown is a bodybuilder and personal trainer. He has found Testofuel to be one of the best natural products to boost the body’s production of testosterone.

Post Cycle Therapy

post cycle therapy

Post Cycle Therapy

What is post cycle therapy and what does it do? PCT is something that is done after finishing an anabolic cycle or a prohormone cycle to help restart the bodies hormone level. Many prohormones and Anabolic supplements take place of the bodies natural hormone production. This will cause the body to stop producing hormones naturally. This can cause serious issues when you finally decide to go off your cycle. Without the body producing hormones many bad things can happen. You can find yourself with a lack of energy and strength. You may also see a drop in muscle mass or experience a feeling of depression. The list of low hormone levels goes on and on. The proper way to prevent this is to use a post cycle therapy supplement when finishing up your cycle. I believe in bridging your post cycle with what ever you are using for the last week of your cycle. This will give you time to get your pct rolling before going off a prohormone or anabolic supplement.

Post cycle therapy is by far one of the most important parts of your cycle and many times is over looked. Leaving many users loosing the gains they just made while on a cycle.

Go here to learn more about post cycle therapy supplements

Be sure to spend as much time planning your PCT as you did on a cycle or you could end up wasting a lot of money on prohormones with no results in the end.

AMP Citrate

AMP Citrate

Amp Citrate is a new stimulate used by many supplement companies to replace the once popular DMAA. This powerful compound can be found in many over the counter supplements such as fat burners and pre workout supplements. Many companies such as VPX, BSN and many other popular brands.

Amp Citrate can help increase energy strength and mental focus making it a great compound for pre workout supplements.  This compound is very similar to the powerful DMAA and has many of the same structures as DMAA. Which has put this compound on a serious watch list with the media and FDA.

AMP Citrate

MD2 is a popular supplement that contains AMP Citrate for reducing fat.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container 50
Amount Per Serving
%Daily Value
Calories from Fat
Total Fat
1.0 g
Fat catabolizer & B-3Potentiator
600.0 mg

Caffeine Anhydrous 300mg, 4-Amino-2-Methylpentane Citrate, Theacrine.

Total Carbohydrate
0.0 g
NorEpiphex a2-Andregenic Blockade Complex
8.0 mg

Yohimbe (Coryanthe yohimbe)(bark)[Std. to yohimbine HCI], Yohimbe (coryanthe yohimbe)(bark)[Std. to 11-hydroxy yohimbine], Yohimbe (coryanthe yohimbe)(bark)[Std. to alpha yohimbine HCI]

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Other Ingredients: Bioliquid Polylipid (Polymer-Lipid Based) Delivery System: Super Refined Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Safflower Oil, Lechithin, Purified Water, Silicon Dioxide, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Polyglycerol-3 Oleate, Glyceryl Monostearate, Titanium Dioxide.

Tips On Building Serious Muscle Mass


How to build wide lats
Building wide lats is pretty much the goal for anyone wanting to add mass to their appearance. Having wide lats is one of the best ways to have a massive appearance.  So how do you get massive lats like many of the pro bodybuilders of today? I know many of you will say “steroids” well this does help but just taking steroids wont give you massive muscle mass. A wide back comes from hours of hard work and training in the gym.

So lets take a look at some of the best exercises for building serious massive wide lats.

Exercise number 1

Pull Ups are one of the best ways to get growth from the lat muscles. I know as a bodybuilder its hard to do pull ups because most of us are pretty heavy. If you can’t do a pull up I suggest getting some resistant bands and using them in a reverse matter to help remove some of you’re body weight. Once you get a band that works best for you do three sets all till failure.

The best way to use a resistant band is to wrap the band around the center of the pull up bar. Use other end with the hanging loop and slide it over the knee bent at a 90. The band should have enough tension to help pull you upward when attempting  a pull up






Bodybuilding is a serious sport that takes a lot of time and patients. Many people body build without ever stepping foot on stage.  Bodybuilding is one of the hardest sports in the United States. Athletes in this sport spend years getting ready to step on stage. Hours are spent in the gym lifting weights and on cardio machines. These athletes also spend hours in the kitchen prepping their food. Most bodybuilders eat 5 to 6 times a day and have to prep their food on a daily basis.  Most of these meals contain veggies, clean carbohydrates, healthy fats and normally some source of protein. Most bodybuilders consume 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. Some even can even consume 2 grams per pound of body weight.

Bodybuilders also spend a lot of time making up an ideal supplement program to fit their goals. Many of these supplements are popular in most every gym in America. Cratine, Fat burners, BCAAs and glutamine are some of the most popular supplements used by bodybuilders.

These athletes also use protein powder to help them reach the crazy numbers of protein they try to hit daily. It’s important to be careful when buying your protein. Going with cheap protein isn’t always the answer. Many proteins have a low quality percentage meaning you may only be getting 13g per scoop. This Is common with cheaper protein powders on the market today.

Check out this link for more information on bodybuilding.

Mammoth DNA Resurrection


Mammoth DNA Resurrection

After the prohormone ban in December 2014 Xcel has brought back the DNA Series of Prohormone supplements.

Currently strongest prohormone on the market is back and better than ever, Xcel Sports Nutrition Mammoth DNA Resurrection.  A combination of traditional prohormones, SARM’s, powerful testosterone boosters, anti estrogen compounds, organ support and a time release infusion system, Mammoth DNA Resurrection prohormone is the best muscle mass and strength builder hands down.

If you are ready to build some serious muscle this new Mammoth DNA Resurrection Pro is for you. The combination of pro’s and SAM’s help to build some serious muscle like never before. Get ready to take your physique to the next lever with RESURRECTION series of DNA supplements.


Mammoth Resurrection Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings Per Container: 60

LGD-4033 (SARM)                    5mg

Durabolin                                 35mg

Hexadrone                               45mg

Dymethazine                            18mg

Arimistane                                45mg


Epiandrosterone                        35mg

1-dehydroepiandrosterone          40mg

7-Keto-DHEA                             32mg

Long Jack                                  50mg


Resveratrol                                60mg

Indole-3-Carbinol                       60mg


Mucuna pruriens (98% L-Dopa)   100mg

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC)          100mg

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens)  40mg


Carbopol/Bioperine                     35mg



As a dietary supplement take 1 cap twice daily.  Due to its superior strength proper on cycle support and PCT should be used with every Mammoth DNA Resurrection prohormone cycle.

This product is NOT for beginners and should only be taken with proper on cycle support and a PCT follow-up. Please read all warnings and cautions prior to consumption.

Check out Methylstenbolone supps for serious muscle mass gains.

Alpha 1 Max

Alpha 1 Max

Blackstone Labs Alpha-1 Max

Are you stressing over the latest prohormone ban? Well stop stressing companies like Blackstone labs are taking care of business with their powerful legal prohormone Alpha-1 Max.

Alpha-1 MAX is an effective single compound prohormone that is going to deliver crazy gains in strength and lean mass. Alpha-1 is a methylated version of 1-AD also has a significant conversion to the exceedingly strong but banned Methyl 1-Testosterone (M1T) Also, Alpha-1 does not aromatize, so conversion to estrogen is not a concern. Meaning no chance for man boobs.

This product is great for someone looking to build muscle mass and increase strength. Average cycles runs around 6 to 8 weeks. Users can expect to see gains of up to 20 pounds with a huge increase in strength. We do suggest using a cycle support while running this product.

It would also be wise to run a PCT Supplement after using this product.

Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement, take one one (1) capsule twice per day with food. Use in cycles of 4-8 weeks only and take at least 8 weeks off in between cycles.

This product should only be used by healthy adults at least 21 years old. Do not exceed the recommended dose or duration of 4 weeks. Do not use if you are at risk of, or being treated for diabetes, liver problems or high blood pressure. Do not drink alcohol while using this product, and increase daily water intake. This product can negatively affect male fertility. Always Consult your health care professional before using any dietary supplements.

Warnings: Do not exceed the recommended dose or duration. This product should only be used by healthy adults at least 21 years old. Do no use if pregnant or nursing, or if you are at risk of, or being treated for diabetes, liver problems or high blood pressure. Consult your health care professional before using any dietary supplements.

You can get this supplement at any online nutrition store.

Or get Alpha 1 Max now here.