Since the prohormone ban of 2014 we have seen a large increase in Andro supplements hit the market. There are only a few andro supplements on the market today that actually work. These brands are Primeval, Sparta Nutrition and Blackstone labs, all the other brands we tested delivered very few if any results.

If you are looking to run a 1-Andro based or DHEA type prohormone keep in mind that these products won’t deliver results like the old PH’s like hdrol and superdrol. But they do work you just won’t see huge gains in bloat or notice it in two weeks. If you stick to the products and keep a good diet going you can see muscle gains of 4 to 8 pounds with a good andro cycle.


One of my favorite Andro products on the market today is Sparta Nutrition cerberus, I personally seen a gain of 6 pounds on one bottle. Now I did have the perfect diet going and I was supplementing with BCAAs and creatine but I pretty much stay on those year around. Who knows maybe there is some other compound slipped in Cerberus but I do know it works. This shit also works great for giving you some Hulk like libido as well….the ladies love that shit. The plus of Cerberus is its almost side effect free the chances for any unwanted sides are rare. The only thing I noticed while using this product was a little bit of asshole syndrome. Which most will say that wasn’t due from the supplement. Either way I seemed a little more on edge than normal which I’m guessing comes from the rise in testosterone levels. I also noticed that the fat at the lower part of my stomach went down during my cycle. Something that I have struggled with since I turned 40 a few years ago. Retiring from bodybuilding and going over the hill has for sure increased my fat percentage. Ok ok nobody cares!!! Anyways this product is pretty legit, I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who is wanting to get a little edge in the gym. I can see first time prohormone user benefiting a little more the people who have used compounds like halodrol and or epistane but I believe everyone will see results from this supplement. Its priced at just a little under 100.00 so it’s a bit pricey but at worst at least your girlfriend will be happy for the next four weeks.

Be sure to use the proper support otherwise its like putting motor oil into your system.